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Bianca's Holiday Gift Guide

With all of the snow that’s staying on the ground, it’s finally time to bring out the holiday cheer! One of my favourite things about the holidays is actually buying my loved ones gifts. It’s a way for me to show I care about them, and how well I know them by getting everyone something I know they’ll love. These 3 shops and businesses are some of my personal favourites this year for finding something for everyone!

613 Fashion Finds Capsule Collection

613FF is my personal haven for modern and professional clothing. Every item in the collections are absolutely stunning and are closet staples. They ship all over Canada and the USA so wherever you’re from, this shop is for you! My personal favourite thing is their new site which includes all of their items, as well as a Capsule Collection option! If you or a loved one is looking for some new clothing, a Capsule Collection is the perfect way to make sure you get everything you need with 4-7 items based directly on your personal style and needs.

Floral Sweeties Accessories

Floral Sweeties is a jewelry and plant lover's dream. Making incredible necklaces and earrings in tons of different shapes, using resin they imbed dried flowers straight into their designs. All of their works are absolutely stunning, a personal favourite are the “floral faces” they make. You can’t find them anywhere else! All of the designs are handmade with different flowers and metals, so if you find something you like you’d better pick it up quick!

A Korina Joseph Photoshoot

Once you or your loved ones have all your new outfits and accessories, there’s no better way to show them off than with Korina’s photography skills! She’s a photographer who works in Ottawa, Montreal, and Sherbrooke so people from all over can take advantage of her skills. She offers multiple different types of photography sessions, as well as prints for your home, or presets for your own photos! She’s known for her incredible portraits which can be done solo, for couples, or for groups! It would make a perfect holiday card for the family this year.

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