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Can I purchase the items I've received in my order?

If you fall in love with one of the items, why not buy it!  When you drop off your subscription box, we take inventory of the items you have returned. At this time, we will charge you the curators retail price of the product you have decided to keep.

What happens if I damage an item?

Life happens and we understand that products can get damaged. Between each user at the end of each month, we closely document product conditions (this will include stains, natural wear, torn seams, etc.). Depending on the product, some wear and tear may add character to the product, which we love! However, other products will lose their value. This is up to the curators discretion (see curators terms for specific details). It is our policy that if the repair fee is less then 40% of the retail value of the product, then we will charge that fee to your credit card. If the repair fee is greater then 40% of retail price, we will return the product to you and charge you the curators retail price of the item.


What happens if I lose an item?

We get it, things get misplaced! If an item has not been returned, we will simply charge you the retail price of the item. If the item is found at a later date, it is yours to keep!

What happens if one of the items in my order doesn't fit? 

In order to ensure the items will work for you we ask for your exact measurements (hip, waist bust, inseam) in inches. This allows the curators to pick out items that will work for your body! Even still, we do understand that certain items might not work for everyone! If you have decided to opt for one of our recurring plans,  we will ask you to send us your updated sizing information and  we'll ensure the items in your next order match these measurements!

When can I expect my order? 

As soon as you place your order, the curators will begin styling the clothing items for your order.  You will be able to track your item using the link in your confirmation email! Depending on your specifications and sizing, the curators may or may not have items in stock. If this is the case, the curators will begin shopping for items specifically for you. For this reason, your order may take more or less time to prepare and style. If you would like to inquire about your order, you can contact us and we'll give you a better estimate as to when you can expect your package!