Learn about the team and why we started. Every decision we make is founded on our principles. We believe in sustainable, locally-based, and community-focused opportunities. 


Founder & Creator

"When it comes to fashion, authenticity has always been an important value of mine; I want my clothes to represent who I am while aligning with my values. As as a current student, I understand that this at times can be a challenge. I have at times felt forced into buying fast fashion simply because I had too little time to find ethical alternatives or the price point of ethical clothing was too high. I started Circle Goods because I don't believe anyone should have to sacrifice their values. I believe sustainable fashion should be accessible for everyone." (Grace Kirby, Founder & Creator)

Our Vision

Circle Goods goes beyond fashion, it is about being part of a shared community. Through our monthly subscription box we provide a sustainable way to update your wardrobe each month while reducing clothing a production waste. We see it as our responsibility to help foster a sustainable community founded on respect for our earth. 


All of our curators represent their own unique style and brands.  All of our products are second-hand. Whether sourced at auctions or thrift stores, everything is the best quality. 

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